Friday, May 4, 2007

A Double-Take on a Freecycle post

I just read a message on my local Freecycle ( list which consisted of the following:

My girls have been promised to someone I believe will take wonderful care of

I've seen unusual posts on this rural Freecycle list, but I didn't recall anyone offering children. Fortunately, a glance at the subject line cleared up any possible misunderstanding:

Promised: 2 female pug/Chihuahua mix


Dawn said...

You had me worried for a moment, Ben!

Kappa no He said...

Me too!

Eric said...

Very funny. Unfortunately, in some parts of the world, this would be about children, not pets. I saw an article a while back about a man in India who was offering his children for sale because he had no money. I understood from the article that he received some help, but it's a pretty scary idea to think someone would be willing to "buy" children.

I'd love to adopt someday, but I'd never do it that way. . .

Anyway, glad it was just a misunderstanding.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, In Guatemala a woman once came towards my mother and offered my mom two little girls. The woman felt that my mom, who is Guatemalan but lives in U.S. could give her daughters a better life. Needless to say my mom refused the offer. Really a sad encounter actually. VMcNeill